#1 Online Reliable Parallel & Adaptive Testing and Assessment Technology
QuizCV testing & assessment infrastructure has been developed by experts in software development and professionals in testing and measurement. After a deep analysis of the problems faced in the current solutions, 14 months or research and development resulted with a unique infrastructure and a reliable method for solving the most common and complex problems.

Problems Fixed

  • Security issues on online testing
  • Operational problems on online testing
  • Problems on test reliability, validation and measurement.
  • Inefficient methods which results with expensive test development and delivery processes.
  • Software based problems on creating rich test and question types.
QuizCV offers a reliable testing and assessment technology based on tests with a common TEST PLAN and MANY PARALLEL FORMS that match the test plan. According to this methodology there is one test plan per assessment and many parallel forms with questions mapped into the test plan. Within this approach, each user encounters a set of different questions with the same level and measurement item category. Thanks to this approach:
  • Test content & questions cannot be predicted & estimated.
  • Using with test-re-test method, the reliability and validity of the tests can be measured.
  • Tests and the contents are improved rather than wasted after each usage. The tests undergo a continuous development & improvement.
  • Thanks to the scalable and efficient model on creating and developing tests, the unit costs decrease dramatically.
Thanks to the QuizCV's modern infrastructure:
  • Audio, video, image and rich text can be used with ease.
  • Users can respond by recording voice or writing.
  • Open-ended questions support distributed evaluation administration.
To secure the testing process:
  • Each question comes to the screen one by one.
  • Both each question and the test may have its own time limit independently.
Thanks to the (optional) web camera monitoring - proctoring options the user can be monitored while testing process.
Multiple language support, questions bundling, flexible scoring, reporting and many more unique features are implemented. Please contact us for further details.
Computerized Adaptive Random Parallel Form Testing Software

Feature Rich Online Computerized Testing Software For Secure, Reliable and Valid Tests

Prepare tests with rich media (audio, video, image), advanced time management, online monitoring & proctoring options.

Online computerized testing software for preparing online, secure, reliable and valid tests. Use of rich media (audio, video, image, rich text) and advanced time management.

QuizCV provides an online computerized testing software that allows preparing tests and exams on various testing methodologies like random testing, parallel-form testing, classical testing, adaptive testing. The testing methods allow security, reliability and validity. Use rich media like videos, audios, images or rich text. Advanced test timers: time management with limits. Online test proctoring and monitoring options: monitor the applicant through the testing with web camera.

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QuizCV is the online platform for creating and delivering quizzes, tests and exams online. Easy-to-use interfaces lets companies and organisations of any size manage their assessment operation online. Conduct tests, collect responses and analyse results.
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