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QuizCV is an online testing & assessment center. The unique online testing software and platform allows companies to create, deliver and manage online tests. Companies can prepare their own online tests and exams or they can buy the tests designed by professional test publishers.

QuizCV (subsidary registered brand of Vanilya Elektronik Hizmetler ve Bilisim Ticaret A.S.) is an online testing and assessment solution that has been developing since the beginning of 2015.

After an extensive research & analysis on the problems that are faced in online testing & assessment solutions, a team of experts in software engineering and testing & measurement have revealed the requisites of a modern online reliable testing platform. At the end of a 14 months of research & development, TEST PLAN and PARALLEL FORM based testing infrastructure has been developed. For the first time, an online and reliable testing & assessment platform that follows measurement and evaluation methodologies has been created.

Having the unique online and reliable testing & assessment infrastructure, QuizCV offers solutions to companies to improve their hiring, in-company promotion & education processes in a reliable, modern, scientific method with testing contents prepared by professionals.

Unique Features Coming Forward

  • 100% online - multi language support
  • Auto scoring & reporting
  • Advanced time management and use of rich media: audio, video, image, rich text
  • Web cam monitoring & proctoring
  • Multi variational testing - Test Plan based - parallel test forms
  • Open ended questions: replying by voice recording & writing

Example Tests:

  • Aptitude & Reasoning
  • Data Interpretation
  • Inductive Reasoning
  • Diagrammatic Reasoning
  • Foreign Language Proficiency
  • Situational Judgement Tests
  • Performance Tests (voice recording & writing)
  • Call Center, Help Desk or Sales Agent roles specific combined tests
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  • https://www.quizcv.com
Online Testing Software Platform and Marketplace

Online Test Marketplace: Buy and Deliver Pre Employment Tests Online

Use pre-employment tests designed by experts or create your own test on QuizCV's unique online testing software platform

QuizCV is marketplace for tests and and online testing software platform. Companies buy & use pre-employment tests designed by professionals.

QuizCV is a marketplace for online pre-employment tests. Companies can buy pre-employment tests and deliver to job applicants to measure various subjects including foreign - English language proficiency, cognitive abilities and special abilities. The tests are prepared by experts and test designers.

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QuizCV is the online platform for creating and delivering quizzes, tests and exams online. Easy-to-use interfaces lets companies and organisations of any size manage their assessment operation online. Conduct tests, collect responses and analyse results.
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İstanbul, Turkey