Online Assessment Software

QuizCV offers an online unique assessment software technology that allow experts to build well-structured, reliable assessments with dependable results while offering equality of opportunities for the job seekers and fight the risks of plagiarism.

How Is The Assessment Software Different?

The assessment has a unique and analytical approach based on an algorithm and structure that assures several unique values:

  • Reliable: the scores reflect the knowledge level of the person. While being invisible to the end user, the assessment may have different scoring multipliers for different sections, parts and questions of the assessment, to fine-tune the score.
  • Repeatable: the assessment can be taken multiple times by the same person but the assessment will keep its unpredictability by offering unique questions within the same level.
  • Unpredictable: the assessment can be taken by many different people but the assessment must assure its uniqueness each time by offering a unique combination of content while keeping the scoring algorithm works.
  • Dependable: even though the questions are different, you can compare the scores of different people.
  • Assure equality of opportunities: even though the questions differ each time, the level of the assessment stays very similar.
  • Eliminate the risks of plagiarism: Each question has its own time limit which is fine tuned. To verify the identity, the employer can get some safety questions for the interviews.

What Does The Structure Of The Assessment Look Like?

Each assessment constitutes of one or many Sections, while each Section constitutes of one or many Parts.

Each Part seeks to find out how much does the person who takes the assessment know on a special subject. Below is an example of a basic "English" test structure in terms of sections and parts:

  • Section 1: Vocabulary
    • Part 1.1: Idioms
    • Part 1.2: Collocations
    • Part 1.3: Shades of Meaning
    • ...
  • Section 2: Grammar
    • Part 2.1: Verb Phrases
    • Part 2.2: Independent Clauses
    • ...
  • ...

The goal of each Part is to find out how competent the person is on the subject. A Part is a container of different Levels of questions, each level having a number of questions and a point for the questions it has. For instance the Part 2.1: Verb Phrases may have the Level structure as below

  • Part 2.1: Verb Phrases
    • Level 1: 3 questions of 5 points each
    • Level 2: 1 questions of 7 point
    • Level 3: 2 questions of 10 points each

Question Types and Use Of Rich Media

  • Questions can have both negative and positive points for each option
  • Questions can be setup so that only one option or many options can be selected.
  • Both questions and options can have audio, video or rich text.
Online Testing Assessment Software: Employment & Training

Create & Prepare Online Tests and Assessments

For Pre Employment, Hiring, Recruitment, Training, Education, Measurement

Online testing assessment software allows you to create - prepare tests and manage the testing & assessment process online.

QuizCV provides the testing and assessment software for the human resource (recruitment, hiring, training) and education industry. You can create & prepare tests, deliver the tests to the applicants, candidates, students, users and report the results. The testing infrastructure has features implemented to increase the security, validity, reliability of the tests. The software support all kind of tests including multiple-choice, open-ended questions, voice recording, listening audio, watching video, writing, using rich media and text. The security and identification of the test taker can be assured by web camera monitoring & proctoring.

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QuizCV is the online platform for creating and delivering quizzes, tests and exams online. Easy-to-use interfaces lets companies and organisations of any size manage their assessment operation online. Conduct tests, collect responses and analyse results.
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