Create unlimited tests, collect unlimited responses, pay only when you would like to see the report.
Easy to Use, Powerful, Online Exam Designer
You can create any type of quiz, test or exam, simple to sophisticated — with our powerful and easy-to-use exam designer.
Multi Language
Responder can choose the language. We already cover a set of languages. Let us know if you need another language.
Automatic Reporting
When the exam is over, the detailed report is ready.
Both Assess & Collect Data
You can both ask questions that affect exam score and collect data within the same exam.
Use Rich Text and Images
Benefit of rich text editors and images to clarify and beautify the pages and questions.
Several Question Types
Drop down to multiple choice, text to rating scale... We offer you the question types that you need.
Open-Ended Questions & Evaluation
You can ask open-ended questions. When the exam is over, evaluate the response and the report is ready.
Easy and Advanced Scoring with Multiple Dimensions
Each question has its own point. However questions may affect multiple dimensions with different multipliers.
Random Ordering of Pages, Questions and Choices
We can automatically randomise the order of the pages, questions and choices for each respondent that accesses the test.
Random Selection of Pages & Questions
You can prepare exams that ask different questions to each respondent that access the test.
Group Pages & Questions
You can group a set of pages or questions so that you see as a different part in your report.
Navigation During Exam
You can allow users to go back and forth among the pages during exam.
Advanced Time Management
Exams can be both time-free or time-limited. Time limitations can be both on exam level, page level or even mixed. You can set different time limits for different pages.
Date & Time Restrictions
You can set the date and time the exam will be available or be expired. You can create several collectors and set different date and time restrictions for each.
Flexible Response Collection Strategies
You can create a single link or many unique links for exam access, or assign exams to users of your organisation.
E-mail Invitations
You can invite people by sending e-mail invitations. You can schedule the e-mail delivery.
Organisation & User Management
You can create many organisations within the same company, create & assign users with login access. You can group users within the same organisation.
Collaboration, Roles & Permissions Management
You assign different roles or permissions for the users of your company and organisations. Users can collaborate while designing a test, collecting responses and analysing results.
Import & Export Facilities
You can import & export users, exams, responses, reports with ease.
Online Examination System: Software Features

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