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  • Tests and test plan are developed by measurement and evaluation professionals.
  • Items are prepared by experts in English language education and assessment.
  • Test-retest reliability and parallel forms reliability.
  • English proficiency in six main skill areas: Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, Listening and Speaking.
  • Score conversion table for levels in "The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages" (CEFR).
Anti Fraud: Secure and Reliable
  • Multiple parallel forms. (Different set of questions for each testing instance)
  • Detailed timing constraints (For both question and total test)
  • (Optional) Web Cam monitoring
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  • Open ended questions: voice recording, writing
  • Question bundling
  • Web cam monitoring
  • Use of rich media (audio, video, image, rich text)
  • Detailed timing constraints
  • Test plan based question bank integration
  • (Optional) Integration with your existing HR/recruiting solution.
  • (Optional) Custom solutions: Build company career page built on assessment / testing.
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TOELP Series
TOELP is a series of English proficiency tests for adult non-native speakers of English. The TOELP test, administered via the Internet, is an institutional test which help organizations to recruit and hire new employees, identify staff in need of English training programmes and ensure employees' English-language skills meet international standards to provide a solid foundation for their international operations.
All TOELP tests are based on multi-variation (PARALLEL FORMS) testing (TEST PLAN based) architecture. Every instance of a test comes with a different set of questions. Behind the scene, the tests are fed by question banks created by professionals, mapped on items to be measured in accordance with measurement and validation principles. TOELP tests can be taken repeatedly.
All TOELP tests can be optionally be delivered in web cam monitoring mode.
TOELP tests can measure English proficiency in six main skill areas: grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening and speaking.
There are 2 TOELP tests:
TOELP Fast-Track: It is designed to measure English proficiency in the four basic language skill areas: grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening. The test is multiple choice and contains 80 questions: 36 grammar, 24 vocabulary, 10 listening and 10 reading. The total time limit is 45 minutes. For the listening questions, the user should use a headset.
The test has 10 parallel forms.
TOELP Speaking and Writing: The test measures English proficiency in the two basic language skill areas: speaking and writing. There are two tasks in both Speaking and Writing.
Within the Writing tasks the user is asked to write an essay on a given general question. The purpose of the Writing tasks is to measure user’s ability to state opinions or express comments on topics which are based on user’s personal knowledge and experience. The user is given 5 minutes to write each essay of 100-200 words.
Within the Speaking tasks the user is asked to respond to a given topic by recording voice. The tasks assess the user’s ability to speak English fluently. The user is given 5 minutes to respond to each task. The user should speak for at least 2 minutes about a given topic.
User’s responses are evaluated by experts in English language education.
  • Total duration: 20 minutes.
  • The test has 10 parallel forms.

Test Credit Packages

Test/Quantity 10 Tests 100 Tests 1000 Tests 10000 Tests
TOELP (English Test) Fast Track $ 160 $ 800 $4.800 $32.000
TOELP (English Test) Speaking & Writing $ 300 $1.800 $14.000 $120.000
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English Pre-Employment Test: Placement, Proficiency, Level

Online Pre Employment English Proficiency Tests & Exams

Online English Level Test with Reading, Writing, Listening, Grammar, Vocabulary and Speaking Sections

Secure and reliable English pre-employment tests for companies. Find the right people with speed. Bulk & Campus Hiring Options.

Companies who are looking for people who speak English can use the online pre-employment tests and exams to determine the right applicants, candidates with speed. This product is specially designed for recruitment, hiring professionals, experts, specialists, human resource professionals for shortlisting with speed. Tests compose of multiple choise questions for grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading sections. Exams compose of writing and speaking sections where the applicant reply to the questions by writing or recording voice. Online proctoring and web camera monitoring options are available for secure testing.

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