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Easy-to-use web-based online assessment platform lets you create and deliver your custom tests, exams, questionnaire or quizzes of any kind, from simple to highly complex. The exam software is designed for enterprises and comes with advanced features:
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E-mail Invitation System
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The recommended approach to employee selection is built upon a total assessment of key factors important for success in work. Some factors which predict success, such as reasoning skills, are difficult to assess from resumes, application forms, or interviews alone. Therefore, online pre-employment tests are used to assess various skills using standardised tests which has been developed and validated to predict the success in fulfilling the requirements of the work.

Pre-employment tests are an objective, standardised way of gathering data on candidates during the hiring process. They can include testing of cognitive abilities, knowledge, work skills, and language proficiency. They help companies gaining insights into the capabilities and traits of prospective employees. Testing of applicants in pre-employment assessments can provide relevant information on a job applicant's ability to perform in the work place so that they provide tremendous value for organisations seeking to find the right talent. By adding pre-employment assessments to the candidate selection process, companies of all sizes can get a better handle on the vast pool of candidates applying to open positions.

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QuizCV helps companies of any size, manage their whole examination process in a single, robust, modern, easy-to-use, secure and powerful examination platform. Any type of quiz, questionnaire, test, assessment or exam, from simple to highly complex, can easily be created through the online exam builder. Participants can be invited through the e-mail invitation system. The reports are automatically prepared when the examinations are over. All responses can be downloaded for further analysis. QuizCV comes with enterprise features: Several independent organisations can be created within one company. Different roles can be assigned to users for each organisation so that users can collaborate effectively. Companies can start by registering for a free plan to experience the examination system.

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