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English Proficiency Tests: Pre-Employment, Placement Level Assessment

Measure English Proficiency Level of Applicants

Use Online English Placement Tests in pre-employment, employee selection, placement, promotion, recruitment and hiring

English Proficiency and Placement Tests for employers to use in recruitment & hiring process. Tests and exams differ in terms of skills areas they measure, difficulty level they target and number of questions which affect reliability.

English Tests are designed to measure proficiency in the English language. There are several different kinds of English Proficiency Tests but all try to let the employer obtain an approximate rating of the candidate’s English language skills. Some positions or jobs may require some level of English proficiency and using Online English Proficiency Tests (known as Online English Placement Tests or Online English Level Tests as well) can be a very effective means of determining which applicants or employees are most qualified for the particular job. There are no doubt that the most effective, standardized, neutral and quick way of measuring the English level of applicants is through Online English Tests but there are several English tests and they may measure different skill areas like grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening, writing or speaking. Employers can use different English tests for different kinds of jobs. Some tests are short and hence applicants spend less time but they are less accurate and they do not measure all skill areas. Some tests cover all areas but less broadly. Some Online English Exams have open-ended questions for measuring speaking and writing skills (candidate reply by recording voice or writing) however open ended questions require human evaluation and hence it is more costly and takes more time. Employers, recruiters, recruitment agencies, human resource departments, hiring managers can take the demo tests to observe the testing & examination process. There are several different English Proficiency Tests. Some are quicker but less reliable because the number of questions is lower. Some are more reliable because they do not only measure grammar or vocabulary but also listening, reading, speaking and writing. However as an employer, you already know what to expect for the position, so it is best to try the tests and find the English tests that best fit with your requirement.

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